Our first guest blogger Aaron D. presents is evaluation of the recently released WingX for Android.  Learn about how the Android version of this cross-platform weather and pre-flight intelligence application benefit this Part 135 helicopter pilot.

I am currently using WingX developed by HiltonSoftware. I have been using this program for a few years now following an exhausting search for a program to meet my needs as a part 135 helicopter pilot.  A lot of our flights are on call and require me to have instant access to the weather in a regional area.  From a full aviation weather package, current IFR charts, AOPA A/FD, FAA Documents, route planner, and on and on, this program has it!  WingX provides me with all of the information I need without ever having to go to a computer.  I was impressed with it when I was using it on a Blackberry and am even more impressed with the new layout for the Android system.  I spoke with the developer a few times and he is wonderful!  Tech support answers the phone all the time and works to ensure that you are up and running.  I could list all of its’ features here, but the list would be extensive.  I suggest you see them at http://www.hiltonsoftware.com/. The best part of the entire program for me…When you download all of the current databases (weather,AOPA A/FD, Charts, etc.) they are stored on your SD card and you don’t have to have an Internet connection to view them!!  These downloads for all of the current information are included with the program.

I know this probably sounds like a typical ad from someone who is selling it, I assure you it is not, I won’t get a dime, unfortunately..Wish I could have come up with a program of this quality, probably wouldn’t have to fly anymore!

Down side, I suppose,  You can’t file a flight plan as of now with the Android version, but that is soon to be released the developer said.

WingX is NOT free though.  I will tell you this is a perfect example of “you get what you pay for”.  Well worth the $99. I have compared numerous programs from free to not so free.  🙂  This one is definitely top of my list and I HIGHLY recommend it!  They were offering a trial, but you had to call them for an access key, not sure if they still are or not.

If anyone would like any more screen shots, let me know..I would be more than happy to provide them..


This program appears to be limited version 2.0 or better Android devices as the program won’t install on (or be found in the market by) a Google ION device running 1.6. The bullet-list of features includes:

  • A searchable version of Airport Facilities Directory (AFD or the green book)
  • AOPA Airport Directory
  • NACO Instrument Approach/Departure plates that are zoomable
  • Color-coded METARs and TAFs
  • Winds Aloft
  • Route Planning with airways
  • Animated weather RADAR displays
  • Animated E6B flight calculator
  • A comprehensive set of documents including the FARs
  • N-Number search
  • Airport search

As the program continues to evolve, it is hoped that it will inherit some of the features available on the more mature platforms like Moving Maps, DUATs integration, TFRs, Weight and Balance, Smart Taxi and Sunrise/Sunset information.

Programmer: HiltonSoftware
Cost: $99.95 (includes first year’s data subscription)

Screenshot Gallery:
AFD airport diagram screenAFD communications screenAFD facilities screenAFD location screenAFD Runways screenAFD base weather radar imageDocuments screen (FAR/AIM)WingX Main Menu Screen 1WingX Main Menu Screen 2WingX route planning screenWingX route textWingX weather radar screenWingx Wx Images screen 1WingX Wx Images screen 2WingX weather - metar screenWingX weather - taf screenWingX weather - winds screenWingX Charts - Main airport screenWingX Charts - Airport DiagramWingX Charts - IAP list screenWingX Chart - Approach PlateWingX Charts - airport minimums listWingX Charts - airport minimum screenWingX Charts - Departure Procedure

Or watch the slideshow video:

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